Three Ways to Safely Detangle Your Natural Hair

Detangling your hair is normally the longest part of washday, sometimes the most painful and not always successful. Depending on how aggressive you can be with different methods, your hair can break off easily or get more matted than it was to begin with. Below are three ways to safely detangle your hair. Before going into the different methods remember detangling your hair does require patience and time so be careful!  

Fingers The first way you can detangle your hair is to go in and use what your already have, your fingers. This can help with premature shedding if done gently.

 Step 1  Your hair has probably just come out of a protective style, is ready to wash and likely matted. First things first, spray your hair with water then spray the ends with more water as that’s where you’ll be starting from.    

Step 2   Gently separate into four sections, always starting from the bottom. Spray more water if your hair starts to dry up.    

Step 3 Apply your desired leave-in conditioner and add oil for more slip. Once separated, divided into a further four sections. 

*Tip: the more sections you have the better the fingers can glide through the hair and detangle quicker.     

 Step 4 Stretch the hair downwards and place three of your fingers (with conditioner on it) just above the tip of the hair section and gently glide downwards working your way up each section, still stretching the hair and repeat all steps until fully detangled.    

Detangler brush Most naturals find it easier using a brush to detangle their hair and to know that all knots and tangles have been removed. This method can save loads of time and defines curls quickly.  

Step 1 Spray your hair with water (almost drenched not fully - wet hair breaks too). Consider using a conditioner where you can use a lot of it and spread across the hair strands.   

Step 2 Use a comb or your fingers to separate the hair into four sections. Check to make sure the hair is parted properly by the scalp so the hair is not pulled in different directions when detangling.   

Step 3 Spray the hair again, add more conditioner, wet the brush and start gliding the brush from the tip of your hair working your way up the hair strands and repeat.  

 Steamer This is a new one but not unknown to the natural hair community. Using a steamer can change your life in an instant. Loosen tight stubborn curls and hydrate hair at the same time. This option can be used when your hair is extremely matted and you are having difficulty detangling using other methods.   

 Step 1 Spray hair with water and then apply deep conditioner or conditioner. There is no need to separate as the steam will do the separating for you. Wrap a towel around your neck so water does not drip.   

Step 2 Place your head under the steamer and stay under the steamer for 15 minutes. Tip: Have your tools for the next stage of your wash day ready before your hair dries up once you have finished using the steamer.    

Step 4 After 15 minutes, remove the steamer from your head and move onto separating your hair into sections and continue with your wash day.

    *Alternative option: If you do not have a steamer you can spritz your hair with water and deep conditioner or conditioner, tie a plastic bag on your head and use a heat attachment to create condensation.    

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